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Εμφάνιση αναρτήσεων με ετικέτα arts. Εμφάνιση όλων των αναρτήσεων

Δευτέρα, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2017

We’ve been fans of Peter Kogler’s psychedelic room installations since last year, when we he wowed us with his warped walls and trippy walkways. Now, the Austrian artist continues to bend time and space with a new series of impressively perplexing optical illusion rooms.

Using simple, intersecting lines and bold graphics, Kogler transforms the simple white walls and flat floors of galleries, typical transit stations, and ordinary lobbies into canvases for his optical illusions. Through busy, sketch-like visuals, Kogler plays with space to challenge perspective and alter existing architectural elements—walls bend, floors rise, and ceilings curve. Though entirely two-dimensional, his engaging and eye-catching designs invite viewers to interact with their surroundings and perceive their environments in new ways—if they don’t fall over first!

You can see more of Kogler’s creative work on his warped website. He also regularly showcases his swirling and spiraling spectacles in galleries across the world, so keep an eye out for his optical illusions.

Peter Kogler: Website 

All images via Atelier Kogler.
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Πέμπτη, 5 Ιανουαρίου 2017

Life after marriage isn’t always an easy road. In fact, rarely is it ever. Between children and work alone, we tend to forget how important it is to maintain the passion we once shared with our spouse. Sometimes, you may find yourself thinking about how simple, exciting, and passionate your love life was prior to marriage and wish that you could reverse time. It is true that when life takes over marriages may not always be as passionate. However, having someone you have reached a deep level of comfort with, can go to for support and rely on in even the toughest of times is more valuable than we realize.

1. You get about 1/4 of the bed but you never complain.

2. I have you willing to do the dirty chores so I don’t have to.

3. I have an appetite the size of you, and you love me for it.

4. I wouldn’t want to experiment with a homemade avocado mask in front of anyone else.

5. We have little people running around that are half me and half you.

6. Laundry is laundry, but I wouldn’t want to do anyone else’s.

7. Snoring is annoying, but I find yours most comforting.

8. Weekends at home are always more fun with you.

9. “Come over” is now “come home” and it’s the best feeling ever.
Featured photo credit: via
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Σάββατο, 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Close your eyes and imagine the peaceful quiet of no roommates and no unexplained noises, smells or messes. You can do what you want, when you want.

While some people might think it would be lonely (or frightening) to live alone, others only dream of finally finding their own space.

Illustrator Idalia Candelas from Mexico perfectly captures the beauty of living by yourself with the following drawings. In the series called “Postmodern Loneliness,” she shows the advantages of living alone, and makes people everywhere want to experience it for themselves.


Photo Credits: Idalia Candelas
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Παρασκευή, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

While the advancement of technology has given us unprecedented ways of communicating with one another from all over the world, there's still nothing out there that can compare to sitting next to the person you love.

As a person who has had at least a few long distance relationships, I can tell you that it's one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do in their life.

Created by a company called TheTouch, 'HB rings' allow you to feel your partner's heartbeat in real time regardless of where they are in the world; a comfort that would certainly put my mind at ease.

There are multiple benefits from daily physical contact. Everyone desires to feel and connect with the people they love; however, if you're in a long distance relationship, that isn't always an option...


They're incredibly easy to use, as demonstrated by the GIF above! 

Both the rose gold and stainless steel rings feature a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, which means that you can't scratch them. These rings are made with the utmost care and the highest quality materials available.
Just sync them together using a smartphone app, and then tap the ring when you have data or Wi-Fi to connect to your partner's ring.

And with a simple tap of the ring, you can feel your partner's heartbeat from anywhere in the world, in realtime. Simply beautiful!
You can learn more about these rings (and pre-order your very own) here: TheTouch | Facebook

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Τρίτη, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

To define love is an impossible task.

Each of our individual selves offer something entirely unique to this world. When you mesh your qualities with someone you admire, something magical happens. A new form of love is formed. A love that can only best be explained between you and your partner.

Love has been a muse for artists since the beginning of time and has inspired them in many forms. Sometimes, it feels like our words fall short of descriptions and our paintings or drawings only offer a glimpse of what we feel.

Love is always and forever. It is constantly flowing and finding new ways to present itself.

Romantic Love Blurred

When it comes to romantic relationships, the depiction of love has become blurred. Films give us an idea of how love should look and what is expected from you and your partner. This is no new thought; we know that Hollywood’s portrayal of romance fits into a single confined box and that anything outside of that is ‘wrong.’

One of the true benefits of being in love is how our attentiveness to our partner requires us to be present. We don’t fall in love with how a person looks at face value, but rather, how they look when they are taking a sip of coffee, treating strangers, reading a book, or tasting something new for the first time.

With presence we notice these things, and that is one of the biggest reminders here: when we fall out of presence, we begin to suffer. Not just in life, but also in our relationships and love.

One multi-talented artist, Philippa Rice, decided to depict her life in the form of comics with her real life boyfriend. She created a comic book titled Soppy, which contains simple enthrals delights of living with someone you love.

True love isn’t always about the big romantic gestures. Sometimes it’s about sympathizing with someone whose tea has gone cold or reading together and sharing a quilt. When two people move in together, it soon becomes apparent that the little things mean an awful lot. The throwaway moments in life become meaningful when you spend them in the company of someone you love.

Love can be found in making the perfect cup of coffee 
together in the morning…
When shopping for food becomes a ritual…
Knowing when to say sorry…
That there’s no place you’d rather be than 
resting on their lap…
Knowing when to pick your battles…
That some days will be tough, 
but you’ll always have each other…

When their company gives you more peace and 
comfort to complete a task…

When they know you need a hug…

Being the only two people in the room 
even if it’s in a packed restaurant…
Sharing your firsts, 
even if they may not be the best…
When Ikea tests your patience, 
but you always manage to pull through…

Always being sure that you are touching 
in one way or another through the night…
Finding out your best cuddling positions…

Being honest in the kindest way…
Spending time together in the most routine way…

Learning to try new things…
When you can stumble into a new area 
together and feel safe…
Always being there when they need you most…
Staying up late, still getting to know each other…
Knowing, that at the end of the day all that matters…
Is having them in your arms…

These images not only remind us of our love for our partners but more importantly, to continue to be present when with them. While love is always present, if it is not nurtured and given attention to, it will dwindle in our perception and fade. The opportunity for something great will be lost, all because we chose not to be aware of the physical form of love in front of us.

[The images in this post are found on Philippa Rice’s website.]
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