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Iceland Kills Whales, So Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Its Government’s Websites


Over the weekend, a group of online hacktivists launched a 13-hour DDoS attack on five government websites in Iceland to protest against whale-hunting by the North Atlantic nation. The sites, which included the prime minister’s official website and that of the environment and interior ministries, went offline on November 27 and remained down until the afternoon of November 28.

In addition to the government websites, Anonymous also hit HB Grandi, the company which conducts fin whale hunting in Iceland.
In an anti-whaling video that promised that the latest attack under #OpWhales is only the beginning, Anonymous activists called for people to hack websites linked to Iceland to protest against persistent commercial hunting.

“It’s time to speak out about this impending extinction of a species. It’s time to let Iceland know we will not stand by and watch as they drive this animal to extinction. Brothers and sisters of Anonymous, we ask that you stand along side us in targeting Iceland. Join our tweet storms to spread awareness. Join us in combined attacks on websites and databases, hacking, leaking and deleting as we go.”
Anonymous hackers also set up a special Twitter account and a website for their #OpWhales campaign. They also uploaded to GhostBin, a list of websites they plan to target in the future.

Iceland is a member of the International Whaling Commission, an inter-governmental body which imposed a ban on all commercial whaling from 1986. The moratorium remains in place, but both Iceland and Norway continue to hunt whales.

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