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Now You Can Make Coca Cola Right at Your Kitchen Counter


After spending 6 years and more than $1 billion investment from The Coca Cola Company as their global strategic partners, Keurig Green Mountain Inc. has finally come up with its counter beverage maker;  Keurig® KOLD™ drinkmaking system

The system is a pod based, single serve machine which can easily fit on the kitchen counter and serves five different cold beverages from the Coca Cola brand; Coca Cola, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite with other flavors available on demand.

It takes 90 seconds to brew 8 Oz of the fresh drink at the cost of $1-$1.5. The idea behind the product is not to save money but to conveniently serve the flavor of you choice just as Brian Kelly, CEO Keurig KOLD remarked, “It’s a premium — it’s about choice and convenience.”
The system is now up for sale on for $369. This cost can get as lower as $299 depending upon the product promotions. Brian Kelley, chief executive of Keurig Green Mountain believes the cost is not much and will eventually decrease as the sales spike up. “There are a lot of things consumers will pay $299 dollars for and we think this is one of them,” Kelley said. “We’ve literally brought a bottling plant into your home in a size that fits on your counter.”

In recent 2014, Coca Cola gave a huge investment of $1.2 billion dollars in the manufacturing of the system and now owns 16% of company shares of Keurig KOLD.

Recently, the company demonstrated its system and its homemade drinks tasted similar to the fountain versions. The ingredients of the drinks are similar to the ones used by the company`s coffee maker and the method is simple. People will just have to pour water in the machine`s tank and insert a pod of the flavor of their choice. The pod has two chambers; one for the syrup and other for carbonation. The machine will chill and brew for 90 minutes to serve an 8 ounce of drink.
Keurig Green Mountain chief executive Brian Kelley made a cold drink during a demonstration of the new Keurig Kold machine. The beverage maker has debuted on the market this Tuesday.
In the future, the company will increase the number of flavors available and also introduce versions of the machine which can make both hot and cold drinks.

Check out its promotional video below:

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