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11 Things Only People Who Suppress Their Emotions Will Understand

By Marie Cyprien

Those who keep a lid on their emotions understand the struggle of drowning in them. It's not so much that you guard your feelings, it's that you keep them to yourself until they eventually explode:

  1. You’re always screaming internally...because screaming all those feels out in public is not only scary but it can cause a big scene.
  2. You’re in tune with other people’s feelings...because you’re deep into yours. When your BFF laughs, you grin. When a stranger cries, you feel your own tears coming. Since you keep all that emotion inside, you drown in it.
  3. Your response to horrible people is to smile...because you’re secretly imagining their death. Hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.
  4. Keeping a lid on your feelings is a survival tactic. Your worst fear is someone using your vulnerability against you which is why you keep your emotions bottled up. It’s also why...
  5. Your emotions are intense...because you’ve kept them in for so long, when they come out, they come out in a flood.
  6. You hate crying...because crying can expose you to anyone who sees you in that state. You even hate how it feels: the tears that wet your cheeks, the lump in your throat, your lower chin trembling. You especially hate that critical look people give you before they ask are you crying?
  7. You have concealed anxiety. It’s not that you hide your anxiety but you hide the symptoms like shaky breaths and sweaty palms. It’s hard to explain to others that you know what you’re afraid of is rather irrational, but you can’t help it. So you keep it concealed because it’s safer that way.
  8. You’re an over-thinker...because of your intense anxieties, you become cautious of everything around you, analyzing things you’re not sure of to the T. You like to check your thoughts before you voice them.
  9. When someone pisses you off…you don’t say anything until they’re gone and you’re free to rant about them to your BFF or on your blog. It’s because you’re not a fan of confrontation but of course, you’re not going to admit that out loud.
  10. You have trouble speaking up...because you risk your feelings getting in the way of your voice. You don’t want to reveal too much information, but it also sucks keeping all you want to say in your mind.
  11. You hate when people persistently ask you what’s wrong...because answering them can become complicated and you risk getting emotional. You don’t wanna seem cold but you also don’t want to be overbearing either.
  12. You get pissed off at the world pretty easily. You always have those days where everyone from the delivery guy to the barista with the annoying eye roll is pissing you off. You find it pointless to explain your irritation because it’ll only make you seem like a debbie downer.
  13. You’re very good at keeping a resting b*tch face...because you don’t want anyone to see all those waves of emotions pass through your face. But it can be a struggle because your b*tch face can also be an invitation for people to think there’s always something wrong with you.
  14. You have a guarded heart...because your heart is so tender with emotions, you don’t want it to get in the wrong hands.

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