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These Newlyweds Just Proved That Love Is More Powerful Than War.

For one Syrian couple, taking photos on their wedding day meant confronting a far more serious and saddening part of their lives: The destruction of their hometown, Homs.

Homes is one of the most heavily damaged cities in Syria, almost totally destroyed by the war. It's heartbreaking to see such a massive city after such destruction, but Nada Merhi and Hassan Youssef wanted the city to play a role in their wedding photos for a special reason: To show that life and the people living it are stronger than death and despair.

Merhi and Youssef pose for a photo on the streets of Homs. Youssef is a Syrian army soldier.

Photo Credits: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images
The photos are jarring, but also give insight into what life is like in Syria right now.
Though their city is in ruins, this couple is showing us what it means to press forward in life, despite the circumstances.

The photos were intended to show that the power of love is much stronger than the sorrow that comes from war and death.

The couple and the photographer definitely achieved their goal: When we look at these images, it's hard to ignore the destruction. And yet, what the viewer takes away from these wedding photos isn't devastation: It's a young couple, in love, and ready to start their lives together.

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