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8 Things Women Do When They’re Truly In Love

Christina Pavlidou

There are tons of things women do when in love with their man.

While a lot of women do not exactly change when they are in love, there are things women do when in love that they might not do if their man wasn't in their life.

Below, we're going to talk about 8 things Women Do When They’re Truly In Love so you can really tell if you are one of the lucky in love chicks!

1. A girl in love will be willing to try all sorts of new hobbies and even new foods with her man! All because he has asked her.

2. She can't get him out of her head! She creates adorable nicknames for him, but she would never say them out loud! She doesn;t want to get dumped already!

3.She is terrified about meeting his parents for the first time! What if they hate you? More importantly, what happens if your parents don't like him?!

4. She doesn't desire other people. Yes, she might find some of them attractive, but no part of her wants them.The position has been filled. Thank you for your interest.

5. His happiness means more than her own. 

6. She Misses You. Yes, you just saw each other five minutes ago when you walked into the kitchen to heat up that burrito, but she already misses your company. She wants more of that emotional high she is getting from being around you.

7. She’ll Just Stare at YouYou’re driving and you’ll look over and her eyes are already on you. You’re laying in bed and she’s just rubbing and gazing at your face and chest. She adores you. Turn at her and do the same.

8. Say "I love you" way more often than is necessary, to the extent that even your dog rolls his eyes when he hears you spitting out that same sentiment for the 17th time in two minutes.


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