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7 Things Powerful Women Do Differently

Photo Credits: Ioanna Papagianni
Every woman has her own definition of success. But there are certain traits that most successful women share.

No matter how you define your priorities (kids, career, health, access to an all-night taco stand), there are seven solid things that successful women do to have it all.

1. They Choose Where To Invest Their Energy.

Simply put, people who have it all aren’t running on autopilot. They are consciously choosing to invest their time, energy, and money on the things that help them to feel happy, fulfilled, and energized

2. They Are Well Organized 

A successful woman is a busy woman, and the only way to keep all aspects of your life running smoothly is to get organized. This means utilizing your outlook calendar, making to-do lists, and keeping your space (work and otherwise) clutter-free.

3. They Pay Attention To Details 

Compliment someone’s shoes and pick up on a typo everyone else in the office missed. Noticing the little things is what makes people feel important and sets you apart from the crowd. Accomplished women know that you get ahead faster with your ears than you do your mouth. Absorb as much information as people are willing to give and know when to keep your mouth shut.

4. They Don’t Pass Judgment

Confident people don’t pass judgment on others because they know that everyone has something to offer, and they don’t need to take other people down a notch in order to feel good about themselves.

Comparing yourself to other people is limiting. Confident people don’t waste time sizing people up and worrying about whether or not they measure up to everyone they meet.

5. They Listen More than They Speak

People with confidence listen more than they speak because they don’t feel as though they have anything to prove. Confident people know that by actively listening and paying attention to others, they are much more likely to learn and grow.

Instead of seeing interactions as opportunities to prove themselves to others, they focus on the interaction itself, because they know that this is a far more enjoyable and productive approach to people.

6. They Keep An Open Mind And Love To Learn

While strong women tend to have strong opinions and beliefs about things, they also keep an open mind and learn from others. Strong women treat life as a school, and know that none of us ever really graduate. Change is inevitable in life, so we must rise to the occasion and use new skills and knowledge constantly if we want to survive. Strong women love to learn new ideas and ways of tackling issues. They are natural problem-solvers, and will bury their heads in books and sit in the front row of class to learn all they can to become the best version of themselves.

7. They Accept Responsibility.

Women who have it all, own it all. They are willing to take ownership of every area of their lives. If something’s not working, they don’t blame others and they don’t play the martyr.

Instead, they take responsibility. They accept what they think they deserve. Women who have it all know they deserve love, happiness, and respect.


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