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5 Benefits of Rising Early

There is an age old saying that goes like early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. There was a time when people used to sleep early, wake up before sunshine, toil hard in the fields, spend time with their friends and families and were still able to rest well. All the work was done till the time there was sunshine available and hence, in order to be more productive, people would wake up early. 

As the world progressed and electricity became a part and parcel of our lives, we started to take things for granted, work times got shifted from 7 to 9 in the morning as people now wake up at 7 am and similarly everything started to delay so much so that youth today are awake up to 1 or 2 am in the night socialising either on their smart phones or partying with their friends or completing a last minute assignment or preparing for a presentation next day. Some people have literally started living their lives nocturnally. They sleep at 6, wake up at noon and hence follows their day cycle. But such improper sleep patterns are not good for health and may cause mental disturbances amongst other health concerns.

Here are 5 ways in which you can benefit from waking early in the morning:

1. You can get more work done

Rising early gives you ample opportunities to plan your day. Waking early in the morning leaves more time in your hand so you can take care of all the chores and even prepare for your day at office. Doing laundry, looking for gifts for a friend, reading the news, catching on with yesterdays work and even reviewing the previous day’s work and planning for the day are some of the things which can be done in the morning which otherwise seem to be left out. 

2. Home cooked food

Waking up early in the morning means that you are hungry and you have enough time to fix a healthy meal for yourself. When you wake up late, all the time you have goes in rushing for office but on the other hand, waking early gives you time to cook food not only for breakfast but for all other eating times too. Home cooked food much healthier as compared to eating cereals for breakfast, take-aways for lunches and dine-ins for dinners. And an unstated benefit is that it is also much cheaper when compared to packaged and other take away foods.

3. Exercising

Early morning exercising assists you in starting your day by boosting your energy levels. It also ensures that you exercise on a daily basis as most of the times, in an after work exercise regime, you end up skipping days as you are either too tired, or you had a long day at office or you may have some evening plans with your friends. But the brunt of all this is suffered by your exercise regime. And then you say you gain weight even after exercising that is because you are not disciplined enough. In the morning, you have nothing to do so you can exercise peacefully. If you don’t wish to visit gym, you could exercise at home or go for a morning run. You can buy sports shoes and other training gear from various stores on at discounted prices. Be rest assured, no one will come to disturb your early morning workout sessions.

4. Serenity

If you are someone who prefers working late at night owing to the calm and quiet atmosphere around, try working early in the morning. Morning time is not only peaceful; you will also be more alert as our body is clocked to work in the morning. This way, you can be more productive and take less time to do the same work

5. Early bird catches the worm

I am sure you may have heard this a million times but do not really fathom what that means. In today’s context, for you, what it may mean is that if you wake early, you can also start your work day earlier. Offices are becoming more and more flexible with regards to work timings which are more suitable for the employees. If you are an early riser, chances are that you can travel to work earlier, avoid the peak traffic timings and start the work day before everyone else comes and this way, you also get a big chunk of work done in the first half. We all know with too many people around, people tend to waste time. And the benefit, you complete your shift earlier and can leave early again saving valuable time on commute.

These are just a few benefits of rising early. How you can utilise the morning time for your benefit depends entirely on you. But it is easier said than done. If you are used to waking late, then you cannot hope to change your lifestyle in a day. You have got to be patient and persistent but the resulting benefits will make the hard work worth the while. One important thing to keep in mind is that we are not saying that you reduce your sleeping time. What we are saying is that you sleep a little early so that you are well rested and can wake up cheerfully. You cannot become an early riser by trading off your body’s sleeping requirements.

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