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7 Types Of Girls That Men Just Can’t Resist

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When on the prowl for men it can be very frustrating when other girls in your situation are never single for long. Don’t look into it too hard and don’t take it personally, it can just simply be that she is the type of girl men can’t resist. 

So if you want to up your game and need more dating tips then read on to learn about the types of girls who are irresistible to men and then you could take a flirt test to figure out your flirting style. By knowing what you’re up against you are giving yourself a head start on how to approach a guy in a certain situation or environment. Don’t just let it come down to good luck or timing, you will be waiting all year…understand more about your love interest and tap into what makes other girls so difficult to resist. Here are our 7 top types that men can’t resist, which one is you?! 

Make Up Free Zone 

Leave you make up at home, I know, I just said that out loud! As crazy as this seems more and more guys are looking for natural girls, who don’t spend hours getting ready. Stay with me, I know your still shocked! Real beauty is shining through and with girls who think the more make the better; the makeup free girls are getting the guys. There has been a big trend on social media with celebrities taking a no makeup or less make up stance on their social gatherings. Its simple all you have to do is be confident in your own skin (you will get used to it), smile more and save money and time on a makeup free life. Before you know it you will be thinking why didn’t I do this sooner!

The Athlete

Strong is sexy, curves are good and women who are competing in all walks of life with men is very attractive. Try setting yourself a goal and stick to it, whether is taking up a new sport, hobby or interest and focus on becoming good at it. You may want to lose weight, get fitter, run further and so on whatever it is commit to it and enjoy! Guys are attracted to girls who have goals, who want to stay fit and of course who look good in sports shorts. My top tip is yoga, great for the mind and body as well as self-confidence on and off the yoga mat!

The Gamer

For those of you who don’t necessarily want to break sweat, gaming girls are also picking up the gaming guys! Computer games are big business, and finding an interest in this opens the doors up to millions of guys at your service. Being a girl in the gaming world whether it’s online, around friend’s houses or at social clubs this makes you stand out a mile for all the right reasons. Taking up gaming will instantly transport you into a parallel world of guys looking for girls and let me ask you one thing, what guy doesn’t love a gaming girl?!


Ramping up the energy and adrenaline a little bit doesn’t go unnoticed. The adventure girl is constantly seeking out the next challenge or thrill, and who’s going with her, you guessed it, guys! Try taking up a hobby or join a club in indoor or outdoor rock climbing, paintballing, surfing, kayaking, bouldering, free running anything you name it. Being outgoing and socialising with others is attractive, not only will you meet many guys and likeminded girls through these connections but new experiences are exciting. There is no better feeling than doing something you enjoy and guys liking you because of it. 

The Giver

Irresistible to men is the giving type, the girl that wants nothing more than attention. With a good heart and strong mind the giving type with walk through walls to impress, please and get the attention she craves. The man’s happiness is her only goal in this scenario, and going that extra mile, quite literally if she’s picking up tonight’s take out dinner, will be designed to keep her man happy. Going that extra mile doesn’t stop there, the bedroom gymnastics also gets taken to the next level too!

The Mother

The girl that is always there ready when you need, you can depend on her, trust her and rely on her for a loving embrace at the end of the day. The mother figure can be irresistible to men due to her maternal instincts within the relationship. Your every need will be thought through and taken care of this is why behind every strong relationship there is a well driven mother figure that’s irresistible to men.  

Smarty Pants

A smart woman is an attractive women, knowing when and where to impress with your knowledge is an attractive quality. Rather than showing off the smart women knows that she is intelligent and feeds off this to give her good self-awareness and confidence. This confidence breeds pure attractiveness. Being comfortable with who you are and naturally impressing with your own intellect won’t find you single for long, you mark my words!

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