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Graphic Video: Bull Kills Itself After Its Horns Are SET ON FIRE In Front of Cheering Crowd

The clip has prompted global calls for a ban on Spain’s iconic bull-themed festivals.

A graphic video that shows a bull careening into a wooden post and killing itself after its horns were set ablaze at a recent festival in Spain has prompted global calls for a ban of the practice.

As dozens of onlookers watched, the bull was tied to a post and its horns set alight on Sunday at a “toro embolado” event in Valencia. The moment its binds were loosened, the animal ― visibly disoriented ― hurtled headfirst into the post. It appears to have died on impact.

According to local news reports, the bull had allegedly injured a man earlier on Sunday. It’s unclear if that incident was linked in any way to its later fate

The gruesome clip, embedded below, went viral this week after it was shared online by the activist group Bulls Defenders United. Thousands worldwide have reacted to it in horror, with many critics repeating calls for Spain to ban its bull-themed festivals ― which often feature events like bullfighting, the “running of the bulls” and setting bulls’ horns on fire.

The following video is graphic and may be upsetting to viewers.

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