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Incredible Pictures Of The Dinka People In Sudan

Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have spent more than 30 years of taking pictures of ceremonies, rituals and the everyday life of African tribal people. These extraordinary photos narrate the story of the Dinka tribe in Sudan.

The Dinka people's lifestyle varies by season – during the rainy season the Dinka people live in long-lasting savannah settlements and raise grain crops such as millet, while during the dry season they herd cattle along rivers around their region. Their lives are closely intertwined with these of their cattle: During their coming of age ceremony, Dinka men are given an ox. The ox’s name becomes a part of the young men's name. While it grows, the men also shape their ox’s long horns into various forms.

 Courtship starts for the Dinka men at 20 years old, and for females 
at 17. However, a man might not 
get married until he's 30 years old, 
because he must raise a sufficient number of cattle 
in order to pay the bride price.

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