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This Crop Circles Just Appeared In The UK - HD Drone Footage

The large, quiet arable regions of the United Kingdom are no stranger to unexplained phenomena with the area being one of the hottest spots on the planet for the discovery of bizarre crop circle formations. On the 21st of May this year, four more crop circles have been uncovered in the English county of Wiltshire which were recorded via drone footage of Matthew Williams. 


One of the crop circles, in particular, has piqued the attention of those interested in the research of the peculiar phenomenon. According to researchers, the formation appears to depict a solar eclipse in an incredibly similar way to a crop circle which also appeared in Wiltshire in 2004. Intriguingly, the 2004 crop circle appeared three months prior to a summer solar eclipse. The most recent similar crop circle has also appeared three months prior to a solar eclipse. 

Many people believe that these unusual crop circles are the work of extraterrestrial visitors given that they are created using highly advanced technology, and the individuals who leave them behind tend to be undetected as they work. Others have suggested that this particular crop circle could have been created by pagan or Wiccan practitioners given the close proximity of the formation to the legendary monument of Stonehenge. 

According to Professor Richard Taylor of the Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon, the creators of these circles may have no agenda other than to produce beautiful artwork. He says that those who create these formations must be using magnetrons, which can be found in microwave ovens, to produce the incredibly detailed patterns in the space of a few hours. He believes that the individuals responsible simply want to be part of “the most science-oriented art movement in history.” 

If this is indeed the case, then the individuals responsible must have an exceptional amount of money and resources to pull of these creations, not to mention an extraordinary level of skill and a huge amount of time on their hands. Is it truly feasible that such skilled artists would put in such an incredible amount of effort only to remain completely anonymous? Or is there something else much more mysterious at work? 


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