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4 Steps to Erase Any Doubts You Have About Manifesting

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Doubt holds our dreams away from us.  When we doubt in our ability to manifest something we want with the Law of Attraction (LOA), we send a message that says “I don’t think I can have what I want.” To match our beliefs, the universe will then keep what we want away from us.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to learn how to erase any doubts you have about manifesting. 

Here are a few steps you can take when you feel doubt start to creep in.

Step 1: Accept the doubt.

First off, it’s OK to doubt! Before most of us knew about the Law of Attraction we didn’t view doubt in a particularly negative way.  If anything, many of us felt when we doubted things we were simply being “realistic.”

Once we learned about the LOA, however, we may have started to see doubt in a much more serious light.  When we start to understand how important it is to have positive thoughts, we may begin to worry that our doubt will prevent us from manifesting the things we want.  So sometimes, after learning about the LOA, doubt actually carries more negativity than it did initially, because not only do we doubt-but then we feel bad about doubting!

However, there’s nothing inherently wrong with doubt, and you are allowed to doubt! You’ve probably been doing it your whole life and you’ve still managed to manifest a lot of good stuff, so doubting isn’t the end of the world.  You might as well accept the doubt because beating yourself up for having a negative (but human) expectation only compounds your negativity.

Just because you are doubting today doesn’t mean you will be doubting tomorrow.  It’s ok for your dreams to be unbelievable for a while, in fact-moving from disbelief to belief is actually a fun thing to do!

So instead of worrying and stressing out about your doubt, let it in for a little bit and allow it to be there.  Tell yourself “I will doubt as long as I feel the need to doubt, and that’s ok.”

By accepting your doubt rather than pushing against it you will begin to neutralize its power to generate more negativity within you.  

Step 2: Make peace with the worst-case scenario.

When we doubt in our ability to manifest the things we want we often simultaneously worry about what will happen if we fail to create what we want.  At times we make a mountain out of a molehill.    When you think about it, is it really the end of the world if one of our dreams doesn’t come true?

Will the Earth stop rotating if you don’t attract your dream car? Will the sun stop coming up if you never buy that house you’ve had your eye on? Will you cease to exist if you’re turned down for that promotion you’ve been gunning for?

When you feel doubt creeping in, play out the worst-case scenario if your dream doesn’t materialize, and then make peace with it.  Fortunately, in most cases the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll have to  go on living the way you’ve been living so far without this thing you want. 

Remember, you’ll still have a lot of great stuff in your life, and you’ll still be able to manifest more cool stuff in the future.  This desire is just one drop in the ocean of your life, and you’ll find a way to manage without it if you have to.

Making peace with the worst-case scenario will take the sting out of your doubt, and will help you eliminate any fear of failure you’ve managed to conjure up alongside it.

Step 3: Drop the subject.

Once you have accepted your doubt, and then made peace with the worst-case scenario, it’s time to drop the subject.  Seriously!

Continuing to focus on the issue by talking  about it, visualizing it and thinking about it may bring back up some of the negative feelings you’ve been working to set aside.  

Instead, by dropping the subject for a while, your efforts to accept doubt and make peace with the worst-case scenario will take root and become more established.  As time progresses, you will adopt a more casual attitude about the subject, and this will put you in a more receptive vibrational state.  Your vibe will start to project more of a message that says “what’s meant to be will be” rather than “why don’t I have what I want?!”

Please note: If dropping the subject feels at all challenging, simply tell yourself “I will think about this later,” or “I will figure this out when I’m in a better vibrational space.”

Step 4: Wait.

Again, when there is something you really, really want the only thing that prevents it from coming to you is your doubt. When there is something you really, really want, the magnetic pull you have on your desire is quite strong.  It is only through doubt that your dream is pushed away from you. If you can neutralize your doubt your desire will come to you, so once you’ve done steps 1-3 there’s nothing else to do besides wait.

So, after steps 1-3, let go and relax.  There’s nothing else you have to do besides accept your doubt, make peace with the worst-case scenario and drop the subject.  Once you’ve completed these steps successfully, your dream will start to find it’s way to you.  It will either fully materialize or you will start to see signs that your improved vibrational state is starting to attract it.

In the event you find doubt creeping back in, no worries! Just repeat steps 1-3 again.  The first few tries this may take a little practice, so if it doesn’t stick right away cut yourself some slack. As in all skills, practice makes perfect.  Eventually, these steps can become your automatic reaction to doubt, and as a result, doubt will start to lessen its grip on you in all areas of your life.

So the next time your find yourself doubting your ability to manifest the things you want with the Law of Attraction, practice these four steps.  Accept your doubt and allow it to be there, make peace with the worst-case scenario, drop the subject and wait.  That’s really all there is to it!

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