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Popular Beverage Leaves Soon To Be Father With Giant Hole In His Head

When Brianna found out she was pregnant, it was supposed to mark a new beginning in her marriage with her husband Austin—but everything was about to change for the worst, and all because of an unlikely culprit.

“Austin had an accident,” were the words that Brianna’s mother-in-law used to deliver the bad news, prompting a 2-hour car drive to the hospital where her husband was being treated.

Driving pregnant with only a few weeks left until the baby’s expected delivery date, worry clenched her insides as she thought about the man she’d planned to spend the rest of her life with.

The doctors had bad news: Austin’s brain had hemorrhaged, he was clinging to life, and worst of all—they had no idea what was causing it.

As Brianna’s world began to crumble around her, remaining composed was hard enough but had to be done for the sake of the soul forming in her womb.

After extensive testing, doctors finally discovered the culprit: energy drinks, specifically: excessive consumption of them, a habit he’d recently formed in an effort to maintain longer hours at work)
“The next day was round two of brain surgery,” wrote Briana on a heartfelt Facebook post, “Following this were strokes, seizures, swelling, and more things we weren’t prepared for.”

What awaited Briana was a long, embattled journey delivering her baby while caring for a husband who could no longer care for himself.

Countless surgeries would ultimately save Austin’s life, but left him partially wheelchair-bound and with a massive portion of his skull missing.

“There was a moment, sitting by his hospital bed, just praying he would be okay, that I knew I would never give up on him,” added Briana, “No matter how messy our life would become. I was going to be by his side through all of it.
“After two weeks of living in a hospital, wondering if he would survive or be taken from us, we made our way back home.”
And although today the couple remain steadfast to each other as they raise a beautiful baby boy, one question still lingers: how could energy drinks—a popular beverage consumed by millions of people—have such dangerous side effects?

Although this may shock you, this is not the first time these drinks have been tied to brain hemorrhaging.

In November 2016, Science Daily reported on a case study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham where a man was admitted into the emergency room with bleeding in the brain just 15 minutes after consuming an energy drink:

“…UAB physicians detail the case of a 57-year-old man who developed an intracranial hemorrhage within 15 minutes of drinking a popular energy drink.

“The patient presented at a local emergency department and was transferred to the stroke unit at UAB with symptoms of sensory changes (tingling and numbness) in the right arm and leg, along with ataxia (shaky gait and movement). A CT scan revealed a small hemorrhage near the left thalamus.

“’The man reported that his symptoms began about 15 minutes after drinking an energy drink, the first time he had consumed this particular product, as he was about to do yardwork,’ said Anand Venkatraman, M.D., a fourth-year resident in the Department of Neurology at UAB and the lead author of the study.

“Venkatraman says the drink contains a high level of caffeine, along with a variety of other ingredients, many of which are associated with increases in blood pressure.

“’This particular drink contains several supplements for which we have little understanding of their potential interactions with each other or with caffeine,’ Venkatraman said. ‘One is structurally similar to amphetamines, and several are known to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

“‘The sympathetic nervous system regulates what is known as the “flight or fight” response. When faced with an urgent, potentially dangerous situation, the body gears up to either take extraordinary action (fight) or run away (flight).

“’The body begins to marshal all of its resources to respond to the situation at hand — boosting strength and alertness, for example — in part by raising blood pressure to increase blood flow’ Venkatraman said. ‘For a patient who may be at risk for vascular disease, this increase in blood pressure could be potentially dangerous, as a rise in blood pressure can affect an already weakened blood vessel to the point that it ruptures.”
Is the over-consumption of energy drinks the true cause of Austin’s medical emergency?

His doctors seem to thinks so but, unfortunately, as with many emerging health risks, it takes time for patterns to be noted and warnings sent to the general public.

For now, at the least, Brianna feels more bonded to her husband than ever before, concluding in her Facebook post:

“He isn’t the same man I fell in love with, but I still fall further everyday, We are fighting to help him recover. To make his life better. One day we will get there.

“Until then, I will never give up on him. Because love is selfless, and I love him more than life itself.”

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