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12 Smart Ways To Recognize An Evil Person

We all like to think that we truly know what evil is. However, sometimes we find it hard to recognize evil people.

Some people don't see the good that exists in them and prefer to act in a sinister way. These people are genuinely evil, and that's something they enjoy. If you get in their path, be prepared to be used, and manipulated, without any second thoughts.

The following 12 warning signs will help you understand if a person is evil:

1. They deny reality

Evil people will never agree with your version of the truth. They know a different truth, and they'll never agree with the reality as it really is. And that's not a difference of subtle differences; that's facts versus their twisted ideas and interpretations.

2. They twist facts

Evil people can twist any fact that they come across if it doesn't agree with their goals and the reality they're trying to impose. They are always prepared to take things out of context and create ‘alternative’ facts which align with their sinister purpose.

3. They withhold information

If evil people believe that something can compromise the identity they are trying to create, they're ready to withhold any relevant information about this. Lying or not, they keep this information from you and use your ignorance of the situation to their ends. If you find out, they will they twist the truth, spice things up, and even make you feel guilty for not trusting them.

4. They mislead people

If they find it suitable, evil individuals will twist the truth in such a misleading way that you'll feel afraid, vulnerable, attacked, or incompetent. They know exactly how to pick the right words to evoke any feeling they intend to create in you. In the end, you'll start believing in their version of the truth.

5. They're always lying

Lying is an evil person's way of expressing themselves. They can't construct a thought in their mind without at least adding something juicy. They lie either to gain attention or to enjoy fooling those around them. Each time you catch them lying, they'll tell you a dozen more lies to cover it up.

6. They're remorseless

Evil people won't feel sorry for any person they have destroyed or plan to destroy. They see other people as pawns in their game. The best people are always the best pawns! If they manage to spot the good in you, they'll use it to work for them, and they'll treat you like garbage in the process.

7. They avoid responsibility

Evil people don't have a moral compass. They always do as they please and they'll never feel responsible for the pain they've caused. If they sense that some blame is going to hit them, they begin to redirect it even before it gets to them.

8. They're manipulative

Evil people are masters of manipulation. They know exactly how to plan ten steps ahead and always see the purpose of their manipulation. They can make you feel stupid, they can make you do the things they aren't competent at doing, and they can take all the credit afterward, leaving you thinking that you weren't competent enough to do what you did.

9. They are never supportive

If an evil person comes to your aid, remember that they've come for a specific purpose and not because they care about you. In other cases, they're the type of people who will be around when things go well but will disappear when something goes wrong. You shouldn't expect support from these people. If you do get their support, be sure that you're being played and that you'll end up being their pawn in their well-devised game. They don't see a reason why they have to be there for you if there's nothing in it for them.

10. They steal your time

If they are aware that you have a deadline or other important events with family and close friends, they will subtly get under your skin to make you lose track of time. They don't want you to be better and more successful than them in any way, so don't expect them to respect your desires and responsibilities.

11. They lead double lives

Evil people will never reveal to you how they really live their lives. Saying that they lead double lives is maybe an underestimated expression: they lead a hundred lives, as they are different with every person. They have a well-devised story to tell that would accompany the image they're trying to portray. The common thing about their stories is that no one knows their true essence or past.

12. They are control freaks

Of course, to hold everything together, evil people have to be in complete control. They'll easily get possessive and controlling if they sense that somebody else is trying to earn your trust and become your friend. They don't do this because they care about you, but simply because they don't want to lose their precious pawn. It all becomes evident once they begin to lose the control.

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