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Asian Man Verbally Abused And Assaulted on BART Train

A video has gone viral on social media showing an older white man harassing an Asian man on a train in northern California, threatening him, slapping him, and calling him a "Chinese nigger."

In the footage, the man is seen verbally harassing his fellow passenger with a steady stream of threats and insults. "I'll punch you down into your seat. I'll punch you down," he says before slapping the Asian man on the shoulder.

The whole thing was filmed and uploaded online by another passenger who admitted that he wasn't brave enough to stop the situation. In the video, other passengers can be seen moving away from the scene. While some try to stop the fight from escalating, only one woman really comes to the Asian man's defense, something that some social media users have been critical of.

"After looking at all the comments, I feel like I should have done more in defending him, but I was scared myself since I’m asian as well. I guess I’m a coward after all," the man who filmed the video wrote on Reddit.

Watch the video below:

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