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Video Of A Canadian Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

Canadians have long been stereotyped as the most understanding and best-mannered people in the entire world, quite often a stark contrast to their closest neighbors in the United States. While some Canadians resent their characterization as mild-mannered and unfailingly polite a recently released video seems to prove that there is more than just a germ of truth to the stereotype.

Road rage is one of the most infuriating banes of modern life and leads to thousands of confrontations and tantrums every single year all over the industrialized world. So when a video was released which begins with a man on a motorbike going far too fast in the wrong lane being hit with a bottle on the road one might have expected that the situation could have gone south very, very quickly.

In any other country in the world, it is likely that this would have led to an angry confrontation. But in Canada, people do things very differently as the video shows. 

In the video, which has quickly gone viral and has been described as ‘the most Canadian thing ever’, the man in the car who threw the bottle immediately pulls over and calls over the man on the motorbike. The two men then proceed not to remonstrate with one another, but instead, both profusely apologize and insist that the entire episode was their fault. The two men make sure that the other person is alright and not too upset following the incident and they end their conversation with a friendly handshake and both of them agree that they should drive a little more safely in the future to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. 

If this video proves anything, it is that the Canadian reputation for gentleness is well deserved. 


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