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Woman Rushes Dog To Vet After She Finds ‘Bug Bites” Are Something More Sinister

This woman’s English mastiff puppy was shot dozens of times by a BB gun and the family is still looking for answers…

The English mastiff had marks all over it and its owner thought they were just bug bites at first. Seymour, Indiana police told the owner of the dog that the dog had over 20 BBs removed, another 20-some that were still inside the dog, and then an additional 20 that bounced off of him when shot. The dog had been shot at over 60 times the dog owner, Hayden Howard told reporters at WXIN. The pup was reportedly in a fenced-in back yard when it was repeatedly shot at by what police assume were Howard’s next-door neighbors. According to NEWS usToday, the pup even had a BB lodged underneath his eyelid.

The police investigating the shooting of Jackson the English mastiff lead police to a neighbor’s house. The police served a search warrant on the house and found methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. There were no arrests made for the pellet-gun shooting of Jackson though. Jackson should recover just fine but police may never be able to specifically prove who shot Hayden Howard’s dog. There is a reward for $500 for any information leading to the arrest of the person who could be so cruel as to shoot this puppy over 60 times.

Hayden Howard, Jackson’s owner, talks about the first time she noticed his injuries:

“He had some marks on him and we thought they were bug bites and stuff,” Howard said. “Well then Saturday night, I started noticing holes on him.”

Veterinarians removed 20 BBs and 7 pellets from the Jackson, 
the poor puppy’s skin:
The wounds Jackson suffered show he was shot dozens of times…

Watch the full news coverage about poor Jackson the English mastiff:

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