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8 Foods That Help Clean Your Arteries Naturally

By Nika Goddard

Despite the fact that cancer seems to be one of the scariest diseases, there are even more risky disorders that happen to people. According to the newest researches, heart problems are the most dangerous ones for your health. They occupy the 1st place among the killing diseases and bring death to a vast number of people around the world every day. But what makes heart disorders so dangerous? It’s all about a plague which appears in the arteries and blocks smooth blood flow. Interestingly that people who risk having a stroke or heart attack firstly face disorders that provoke them: pressure problems, diabetes, excess weight, and high level of cholesterol. You will be curious about how to prevent heart disorders? A healthy way of life, sports, and the right food choice may save you from different diseases. A few simple steps to start training and keep to a diet will take you away from a risk to have a stroke or heart attack. Pay attention to your everyday ration and add these products to keep your arteries clean.

Top 8 Products to Clean the Arteries

We prepared a list of 8 foods that will save your arteries from occlusion. Add them to your diet and soon you will notice the effect they provide. Keep the list and stay healthy:

1. Almonds. They are not only a wonderful choice for a snack but they also come up with a range of health benefits. Almonds lower the risk to have a CVD and keep arteries clear from clots. They contain vitamin E, antioxidants, protein, and fats. Almonds also normalize the level of cholesterol.

2. Broccoli. These foods save arteries from clogging thanks to the concentration of vitamin K in them. Broccoli balances the cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure thanks to fiber. It helps to lower the impact of undesirable stressors which may cause the appearance of artery clots. 

3. Fish. The most preferable ones are salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. Fish is a provider of Omega-3 and fats that optimize cholesterol and prevent from inflammation. The risk of having a heart attack or stroke is lower if you have no problems with blood vessels.

4. Red wine. If you like to relax sometimes and have a glass of this nectar, you must know that it’s a rather nice habit because you help your heart to work well. The latest researches show that wine performs antioxidants that prevent your body from atherosclerosis which often becomes the result of plaques. Resveratrol normalizes cholesterol and relaxes arteries. As you see, red wine is a part of a healthy way of life but choose your dosage wisely.

5. Avocado. It struggles with bad cholesterol and increases the level of a good one. Avocado includes vitamin E and potassium which help to optimize the blood pressure.

6. Olive oil. This product is widely used in our kitchens. Mention that olive oil contains monounsaturated fats that reduce undesired cholesterol and increase a good one. It contains a range of antioxidants and is considered to be the best addition to your everyday meals.

7. Spinach. The easiest way to add this product to your diet is by throwing its leaves to a salad or smoothie. It’s rich in healthy antioxidants like violaxanthin and neoxanthin, fiber, etc. These elements help to cope with the blood pressure, balance the cholesterol level, and normalize the glucose absorption.

8. Cinnamon. Add it to your tea or water every day and you will help your body to reduce the appearance of clots in your arteries. 

You may find those meals in a market or even in your garden. Add them to your ration and soon you will notice that your health conditions become better. It’s easy to help your body prevent a heart attack or stroke; all you have to do is make a step! Besides, do you have some special meals that help you to stay healthy?

About the writer: Nika Goddard is an experienced writer, psychologist, and traveler. She loves to research world cultures, languages, food, and meet interesting people. She’s also a beginner in web design. 

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