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15 Ways The Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

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There is a sense of sadness that lingers behind a beautifully broken girl. It comes with the knowledge that she must have once loved so deeply and wildly that it ultimately destroyed her; that her love must have tainted her indefinitely.  

She’s more guarded than an entire army squadron — and with good reason.  

But a beautifully broken girl’s love is something to be treasured because it is so different.

1. She knows happiness. She knows what it’s like to wake up and be legitimately excited to start the day ahead of her. And she knows the joy of sharing these days with someone she loves; she knows the beauty of sharing in this delight with another person.

2. Only because she’s experienced sadness. She’s knows what rock bottom feels like and she’s seen her fair share of it.

3. She’s aware of how strong she is. She’s not boastful or cocky, but if there’s one thing she knows, it’s that she is powerful. She takes immense pride in her strength and her ability to pick herself up after a bad day. She knows she is capable of overcoming everything and anything.

4. Because she’s had to pick herself up numerous times. She knows what it’s like to be her own caretaker. In fact, she’s mastered the art of depending only on herself. Army of one, indeed.

5. She knows her worth, because someone treated her like she was worthless. She won’t settle for just anyone. She has let others get away with treating her poorly in the past, but no longer. She knows that what she has to offer is incredible.

6. She won’t trust you right off the back. She’s still convinced that the only person she can trust is herself, so it’ll take a while before she can open up in a real way.

7. But she still believes in the power love. She’s given her heart away before and, while it ended badly, she knows there’s something magical about loving someone.

8. She will not give you her heart right away. She’s selective in matters of the heart. Instead of giving you her whole heart too quickly, like she’s done before, she will give you one piece of the puzzle at a time (if you deserve it).

9. She’s not afraid to talk about her story. Everyone has a past and those stories make us who we are. She realizes this and is not ashamed of who she is or what she had to go through to become the strong, powerful woman she is. If a beautifully broken girl is telling you her story, you’d better listen.

10. She may come off as intimidating or cold. It’s just a facade that she’s projecting. She knows that appearing aloof will keep her safe.

11. She wants you to break down those walls she’s built. Her walls will come down for the right person and she wants you to be the right person… But she also knows that her intuition isn’t always right…

12. She will challenge you. The path to this girl’s heart will not be a smooth ride. She’s going to give you every reason to think the relationship will to work. She’s a runner, but she is worth the chase.

13. Because she wants to see if there’s a future with you. And the only way you can determine if you can/should have a future with someone is to fully understand their past.

14. She will be more benevolent. But only because she’s been hurt more times than she can count. Her kindness and compassion will have you questioning your own character and make you want to grow as a person.

15. She’s not afraid to love. The one thing that she really fears is you not loving her back.

This article was originally published on Rebel Circus.

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