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I CANcervive: 3 Physical Changes I Dealt With After Cancer Treatments

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For many years, I was down and hopeless because of my fourth stage breast cancer. I only had a 22 percent chance of surviving. I took a lot of medications to lessen the pain, and it cost me a lot of money.

I lost my long beautiful hair because of chemotherapy. I underwent breast removal through a process called mastectomy. It got me frustrated because I was afraid of my husband leaving me with our child.

Nevertheless, I am proud to say that I am a cancer survivor. I survived the pit of death that came to my life. It took me five years to completely overcome this illness. Before being a cancer-free patient, I had to experience a lot of physical side effects of the treatments I took. Here are some of the things I dealt with.

Bald is not that Bad

As a woman, your hair is your crowning glory. You are beautiful as long as you have long and shiny hair. After I got diagnosed with stage four cancer, one of the hardest things I dealt with was being bald.I felt so bad and ugly.

With that said, I didn’t want to see myself in the mirror because I lost my confidence. It affected my mood and I became so sensitive. On the other hand, I realized that I still had the chance to overcome this illness by enduring a lot of side effects that came with my treatments.

As an alternative, I used wigs and bonnets to cover my head. Eventually, I forgot the frustrating feeling of being bald. As petty as it may sound, those wigs and bonnets gave me a semblance of myself; it gave me confidence and strength to carry on, even without a single of strand of hair on my head.

Slim is Sexy; Super Thin Is Ugly

I lost a lot of weight after taking treatments and detoxification. I had a hard time recognizing myself whenever I looked in the mirror. I was at a healthy 132 lbs before having cancer. By this time around, I weighed just 66 pounds. I lost my confidence because I saw a vulnerable, thin, and a sick woman staring at me in the mirror.

To help me overcome all the grief i felt, I searched for additional things that could help me overcome this horrible condition. I browsed websites like and other health sites to get information about alternative medicine. I tried every way I could to help myself regain a normal life.

Lastly, my doctor told me that I was doing great in fighting my illness. I got away from all the toxic food and stressful activities. I ate nutritious meals, drank lots of water, and did regular exercise. With this, I slowly noticed the small improvements in my body and put every focus on positive things.

Two Is Better Than One, or Maybe Not?

As a woman, imagine yourself living a life without your breasts. That fact alone is distressing and unimaginable. It’s hard to accept at first but women will not feel complete without their breasts. As a survivor, living without an important body part was one of the worst feelings I ever had.

After several check-ups from three different doctors, they all came to the conclusion :Mastectomy. They said it was better give up a part of you rather than the whole so that i’d keep on living.

It wasn’t easy because a lot of questions came rushing through my head. If I was to get through this, I’d have to set them aside. I had to give my full trust to myself and my husband and believe that everything will be alright. After the treatment, I got anxious, but in the back of my mind, I had to be thankful because I’m alive.


Let’s always remember that life is short, and you’ll only live once. These are the phrases I realized during my fight against cancer. It is better to prevent yourself from drowning in the sadness brought by this dreadful condition. I realized that i was better of living with joy and happiness rather than give in to cancer’s wrath.

Arguably, surviving an ordeal such as mine was no easy feat. It was difficult, full of challenges that made me give up at times. However, I realized that the people around me we’re enough reason for me to not give up. Life is amazing, don’t let cancer take away everything from you. Fight back against cancer and live your life to the fullest.

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