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7 Tips to Prevent Dental Cavities

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash
By Jessica S

Content Marketing Specialist

Various gum diseases and dental cavities or fissures happens to be the most widespread disease amongst us humans. But then, we can easily safeguard ourselves from the same. When the tooth enamel starts to degrade, the dental cavity takes place, and it causes holes in the tooth. It is thus advised never to neglect the dental cavity. Our tooth structure is not stable when the cavities start developing. The infection spreads very fast, starting from gums to tooth root and the jaw-bones.

In many cases, owing to tooth decay and cavities, bone loss happens. Once the bacteria inside our mouth turns into a sticky plaque, the affected tooth starts decaying. When we consume food or any aerated drinks, the bacteria takes the support of sugar present in the food, along with the by-products such as acids in the mouth. Thus the sticky plaque holds together the acid alongside our teeth, causing a dental cavity while attacking the tooth enamel.

These seven preventive measures are important to get a healthy and hygienic dental life.

Regularly brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth twice daily, to avoid dental cavities. Choose a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Follow a proper pattern while brushing your teeth. While cleaning your teeth, starting from the insides, and gradually brush from front to the back. Then shift to the upper portion of your teeth. This way, you can remove the plaque or the food remains that sticks on your teeth after a meal. Thus, the daily brushing of teeth is an essential method to prevent the onset of dental cavities.

Dental flossing

When you have food, while chewing, food particles often get stuck on the teeth. It results in the development of plaque. Take care to regularly remove the plaque, as it might result in the formation of harmful bacteria. The plaque binds with bacteria producing acid and causes tooth decay. Dental flosses are well-known as interdental cleaners, as they help clean the remnants stuck in-between the teeth. If this debris remains for long, it will lead to the growth of dental cavities. Thus, flossing or interdental cleaner acts to be the best way to remove food particles stuck in-between the teeth. 

Follow a well-structured nutritive diet

water that cleanses the teeth inside out. The extra coating of sugar or spices results in the formation of bacteria inside the mouth. They are thus never stamped to be healthy food. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, and the proper quantity of protein intake aids to the wellness of our teeth's health. The adequate equation for vitamins, minerals, and proteins causes the development of our overall and dental health.

Regular use of Antimicrobial mouthwash

Washing your mouth daily, or rinsing is necessary to upkeep the dental health. Various brands of antimicrobial mouthwash or dental rinses are readily available in pharmacies or supermarkets. But, you should be sure of choosing the medically proven and certified mouthwash to rinse your mouth daily. These clinically proven mouth rinses are also the best way to remove the hardened plaque, or else lessen the plaque settled on the teeth. If you follow the whole process religiously, dental cavities will never get a chance to form on your teeth. 

Shielding with dental sealants

The work of a dental sealant is shielding your teeth against plaque and bacteria accumulation, which prevents the ingrowth of cavities. Dental sealants are the protective shield placed deftly on the affected teeth. Thus, you can prevent dental cavities by the useful application of dental sealants by visiting any good dentist.

Sugar-free gum chewing

We all know that too much chewing gum harms our teeth. But then, chewing sugar-free gum acts effectively, while combating against the dental cavities. Various well-known sugar-free chewing gums like Orbit, Wrigley's, Eclipse, and Happydent awarded by the American Dental Association (ADA) for aiding in fighting the formation of dental cavities. Check the ADA seal on these sugar-free chewing gum packets, as an assurance. This seal is the ‘seal of acceptance’ by the dental association. Now, you have all the reasons for chewing gum all the time!

Visit the dentist regularly.

Many times, dental cavities go undetected for long, till the time we visit any right dental surgeon or dentist. Be regular with dental check-ups and flossing and scaling of your teeth. It helps in avoiding the formation of dental cavities while upholding the oral hygiene. Your dentist is the best person to guide you about getting the best fluoride supplements, the proper way to brush your teeth or floss the teeth interiors. But, there are many dental cavities that get detected only by specialized dental x-ray. If the problem remains, be sure to visit the dentist for further examination. Many affected teeth have to undergo the strenuous process of the ‘root canal’. An expert dentist solves the dental cavity problem, with the aid of proper root canaling and then planting of well-structured stainless steel crowns. Be patient and get the appropriate dental treatment done under certified supervision.

The thumb rule

Keep this as a thumb rule – when you have excellent oral hygiene, there are always fewer chances of dental cavity occurrence. Following the old-fashioned model of dentistry, there is only a single way of addressing the cavity formation. And, it is none other than drilling and filling! But the truth is something else. Our teeth have the inbuilt ability to heal themselves. But then, you have to be extra cautious about the upkeep of their health. You have to be very careful of all the aspects surrounding the inner development of your oral health. Right from proper diet, a regular cleaning with the aid of mouthwash, and visiting the nearest dentist, you have to keep a note of all the beneficial aspects. In recent times, most of us have become conscious of the formation of dental cavities and how to prevent the same. Follow the above-discussed seven tips, which act as a preventing shield over dental cavities. Take care of your teeth, as they will always take good care of you!

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