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A Guide for Improving Your Diet
Anna Pelzer

What you eat, and how you eat, is so important. However, it can be a constant battle for many people to plan and cook healthy meals — especially if you simply hate cooking. You don’t have to have a passion for cooking in order to eat more healthily; all it takes is the right, mindful steps to improve your diet.

Decide What You Need from a New Diet

It may be that you have serious, long-term goals, or maybe casual short-term ones. It doesn’t matter which; what matters is that you find a healthy cooking routine which works for you. So, what do you need from a new diet? Do you need to cut out junk food, learn how to cook , or are you actively planning to lose weight?

Knowing your goals before you begin will be key to taking the right improvement steps.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need in the Kitchen

It will be a lot more difficult to maintain a healthy diet — as well as being a lot more stressful when cooking in the kitchen — if you don’t have everything you need. This means a workable, clean space, as well as all your kitchen utensils and equipment to cook properly. You want to be able to have everything you need ready when you’re experimenting with healthy recipes, so if you’re only familiar with the microwave at the moment, this needs to change.

Don’t Restrict Yourself

Improving your diet doesn’t mean being extremely harsh and strict with yourself. It doesn’t mean starving yourself of certain meals or ingredients completely. Limiting your intake of certain ingredients is going to be key, but it’s important to remember that it should be everything in moderation as opposed to simply restricting yourself. 

If you find that you’re restricting yourself in an unhealthy way, you can find out more about this, and any relevant support, from centers like

Plan Your Meals

This is essential if you want to keep up a good routine. It also means you give yourself the best time and preparation to be able to cook what you need. Planning meals should be done based on which ingredients you need to make, and how much time you have throughout the week based on your work or lifestyle schedule. Meal planning helps to eliminate any unhealthy habits, like reaching for the phone to arrange a takeout, or grabbing something quick on the way home from work.

You may also want to consider cooking in batches so that it’s easy to heat up healthy meals you’ve already prepared.

Think More About Your Portions

When it comes to a healthy diet, how much food is on your plate is just as important as the food itself. You can do everything right in terms of what you’re cooking, but if your portions are over or under, then you may not be getting a healthy amount. Always check the portion recommendations in recipes and on food packets so that you can ensure you’re getting enough calories. Eating healthily and improving your diet can seem like a demanding task but take it one step at a time; any small improvement is still an improvement.

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